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I've been in the Model Photography business professionally since 1999. I have been shooting models long before that for most of my adult life. I took a break for personal reasons from the business for a couple years but returned to it in January 2012 doing some private assignments. In 2013 I decided to re-establish my business "AGK Productions". The goal of my Greater Toronto Area business is to help aspiring models build Portfolios that not only contain a well rounded selection of shoot themes, but but also Quality Photography at reasonable prices that young and new models can afford. Im very negotiable on pricing. Im easy to get along with and will spend whatever time is required to make the model feel comfortable while shooting with me and produce the desired results. I prefer location shooting though studio shoots are available. I do all styles of photoshoots, Fashion, Casual, Urban Wear, Club Wear, Bikini & Swimwear, Lingerie, Tease, Implied Nude, Nude and more. I work equally well with new models that have never shot before as i do with well established models. In 2014 i was added as a Staff Photographer with FemmeXposure Magazine. I can be emailed through this website as well you can view samples of my latest shoots on Instagram @agkproductions and @agkproductions_repost. I created AGK Productions so as models in the Greater Toronto Area know there is a Professional Quality Photographer here that is concerned about helping models achieve thier goals without being taken advantage of.

I'm available to travel anywhere for selected assignments.

FREE SHOOTS (TF...) are available depending on my availablity between Paid assignments! Im always looking for NEW faces to expand my portfolio! So don't be afraid to message me or email me!

PAID SHOOTS: I do offer PAID shoots to select candidates! If you think you have "The Look" that would enhance my portfolio email or message me! I'm always looking for Models to HIRE to shoot with me that can bring new ideas new themes and new concepts to my portfolio! Serious and Reliable Models only Please! I pay in CASH and only HIRE Models that conduct themselves Professionally. All PAID shoots I do are to add to my own personal website portfolio or for Magazine Publication Submission!

MODELS UNDER THE AGE OF 19: I DO NOT work with models under the age of 19 years of age. I also DO NOT work with Minors under 18!

All Models must bring legal "Proof of Age" documentation and sign a standard "Universal Model Release" Form.
AGK Productions ©2013 - 2019

Currently offering FREE (TF...) shoots to select candidates for May 2019.

Limited 'PAID' Shoots available to select candidates for Apr/May 2019. Email your Portfolio or link to your Online Portfolio. Serious, Reliable and Professional Models only Please! Shoot Styles are Fashion, Lingerie, Bikini, Implied, Nude & More! These shoots will appear here on AGK or possibly be submitted for Magazine Publication!

Here at AGK we do many Custom and Exclusive shoots. Any Publishing Firm, Clothing Company or other Special Projects you may have , email us to Discuss and Reserve an Exclusive AGK Shoot catered to your needs.
AGK : Photographer, Videographer, Editor and Web Developer.

Shy-Anna Newell : Editing & Web Development Assistant, Studio Assistant, Models Assistant, Bookings Assistant, Make-up Artist, Behind the Scenes Photographer/Videographer, Set Decorator, Freelance Model.

Mariah Roach : Studio Assistant, Models Assistant, Freelance Model.
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